Classic Cheddar Mac & Cheese

  • 8g Fiber
  • 12g Protein
  • Made with Real Cheese
GoodWheat takes the traditional mealtime favorite and adds a sneaky delicious twist the whole family will love. Not only does it taste amazing, it’s packed with 12g of protein, and it’s an excellent source of fiber that’s good for your gut. Plus, this mac is made from USA farm grown wheat and covered in real cheese. Just one bite, and you’ll be yumstruck.

Creamy, delicious, and nutritious.

Dinner (or lunch!) solved.


Bring 6 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan, and stir in macaroni. Cook for 8-9 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Drain, do not rinse pasta.


Add 2 Tbsp butter, ¼ cup of milk and cheese sauce mix; stir until creamy.


Spoon it. Fork it.
Love it.

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