Noodle on this:

90% of us aren't getting enough fiber.

So what’s the big deal about fiber?

From your gut to your heart to weight management, fiber makes everybody feel better.

Illustration of stomach with pasta inside.

Digestive Health

Illustrated heart.

Cardiovascular Health

Illustration of sugar cubes

Regulates Sugar

Illustration of scale. Instead of displaying a weight, the word good is displayed.

Weight Management

Just add GoodWheat!

With 8g fiber per serving, it has 4x more fiber than regular wheat pasta.

8g Fiber

per serving

Regular Wheat Pasta

2g Fiber

per serving

No grit to drink. No bitter pill to swallow. Eat the pasta you love to boost your fiber intake and improve your gut health. GoodWheat dishes out all the wins.

One serving of GoodWheat gets your fiber further.

What we need

Recommended daily fiber intake

What we’re getting

Average daily
fiber intake


One serving of GoodWheat pasta

Total daily recommended intake
Average Daily Intake

One serving of GoodWheat pasta =
32% women’s daily fiber needs

Total daily recommended intake
Average Daily Intake

One serving of GoodWheat pasta =
21% men’s daily fiber needs


Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 Chapter 4 | Effects of dietary fiber on human health. Food Science and Human Wellness; Vol 11 January 2022 pages 1-10.

Go ahead, fiber up your family meals