GoodWheat™ Reduced Gluten Wheat Flour

Favorite foods like pasta, bread, pizza, and pastries are comforting and hard to resist. But enjoying these gluten-rich foods can sometimes cause stomach discomfort or other health problems that can interfere with a healthy lifestyle. While there are many gluten-free alternatives like ancient grains or nut flours, they just don’t deliver the same great taste and texture.

Now there’s a way to enjoy these same foods without compromising health or taste.

Introducing GoodWheat: a non-GMO wheat flour that contains 65% less allergenic gluten. GoodWheat also has an improved balance of amino acids, which offers a higher quality source of plant protein.

  • Available in 2 lb. bags
  • High in fiber with 65% less allergenic gluten
  • Can be used cup-for-cup in place of regular flour
  • Non-GMO
  • Grown, milled and packaged in the USA

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