Confetti Quikcakes

  • 11g Fiber
  • 7g Protein
  • Only Simple Ingredients
Mornings just got a whole lot happier—and healthier—with fluffy, delicious, GoodWheat Confetti Quikcakes. So easy, the kids can make their own breakfast! And so delicious they won’t leave the table ‘til it’s gone. For a good start to the day, just pour a packet into a bowl, add water, mix and microwave, and you’ve got yourself a nutritious breakfast treat packed with 11g fiber and 7g protein. Confetti Quikcakes make weekdays taste like weekends—with less cleanup.

Whip up a warm, tasty pancake in just minutes.

Breakfast solved.


Pour dry mix into a microwave-safe bowl.


Add ¼ c water and whisk. DO NOT ADD MORE WATER. Our high-fiber dough should be hearty and thick.


Microwave on high for 75 seconds. Your Quikcake should look nice and golden. If you see any uneven spots, add an extra 10-15 seconds. OR try it on the mini griddle!


Let sit for 2-3 minutes for maximum fluffiness. It’s yum time in no time!

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